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Default Busted a chill, stayed 10 years

From the days when Z payed Rippon to add Halo2Forum.com to the intro of his second montage this site has seen some of the highest highs and lowest lows of any online forum as basic in premise and segmented in topic as this one. Being on a vBul as old as this in 2015 is ridiculous, but still amazing content and people have found their way here.

After a year of this site's existence it felt like everyone who had an XBL account and halo 2 was on here posting their ownage games, dreaming about having a capture card or being a competitive gamer, speaking of montage kid vs pro player hypothetical 1v1s like others do about comic book hero's, bragging over rank and asking questions.. so many dumb questions... in 1337 speak.

Montages made a meteoric rise, making Halo content more accessible throughout the FPS community. The sheer size of the Halo community and its concentration of talent here at THF aided the dispersion of best practices in montage making. Perhaps stifling some creativity by setting a mold, but more so giving plebs like myself the tools and knowledge to create. Capturing, Rendering and Editing tuts from members here helped an insane amount of people. Sites like HaloPro and Gamingvidz took a back seat and later sites like SS, QsK, Kronic Studios and Eve never truly became relevant fillers of the same space.

Along with the curse word sensor the worshiping of montage kids on the boards somewhat dissipated when everyone became a potential montage god with the addition of theater in Halo 3. MLG became an even bigger staple among halo players with the MLG playlist and 100% MLG vs Social tages became a bigger divide than ever.

Where Phurion's Eclectic had showcased the best of all worlds in one with H2, H3 reverted to specialism where each type of GP had its own montages and its own editing styles associated with it. Big pro Team Montages, most recognizably the Str8 Rippin montage, setting the bar for MLG montages. On the other hand a few 'social gods' represented the heights of the opposing space with their keen sense of multikill opportunities and what can only be non-choke controllers.

With fast improving technical editing abilities the constant debate about GP presentation and FX showcasing took front stage. QsK king used to be called over editing, now we had Mattison with Frenetic Array. The Montage Contests were always the place where these discussions found fresh intensity, and where people came away with renewed ideas and inspiration to do better.

The forum also harbored what was seen as "the other side", one of broken image tags, colored keys, Bill Kaulitz and a different kind of forum status based on wit and content, who knew forum status could be about posts? The COT side drew you in like the dark side could only dream of doing, with a set of characters so rich any screenwriter would cry of envy. Most came in with their narrow, naive ideas and were soon forced to self reflect through the diversity of backgrounds and ideas.

All questions were asked, female posters were polarizing, Bee are Pro brought the gay judgement upon your picture, lies and boasts were torn apart. Misogyny, racism, xenophobia, religion, condescending paternalism and other worldview issues were tackled on the daily. Some bright members helped you with biology or math, people went so far as to teach each other languages. And of course the sharing of personal experiences often leads to hilarity, see the confession thread.

A circle jerk, a wasps nest, a year behind 4chan, all kinds of views of COT have circulated. But once you get invested you realize its just like any dysfunctional family with 99% men who dont have to worry about real life consequences. It's a social environment with many dimensions that has affected a lot of us in a positive way. Many of us have met each other over the years and stayed at each others places, even when from different continents.

Then Halo 2 was taken offline from XBL and Reach came out. A painful moment for this board that made many lose interest and somewhat segmented the population in people who played halo 1 and 2 on PC or XBC, people who played H3 and/or HR onward on XBL and people that couldn't be bothered with Halo anymore but kept posting in COT and/or watching montages.

A period of stagnation and surviving began, with some highs like the Summer Editing Contests and some real lows with the bots getting out of control and community infighting. We'd like to thanks those who worked to get us through the tough times, really from the days when Z left us afloat. No matter if you were successful or appreciated or not; you fought the good fight.

Since Nv1 has taken ownership of the site on his second attempt we have begun a combined effort of rebuilding a community where initiative and talent can thrive and is supported together with the nostalgia and every day forum activity.
It kick started with the announcement of the Movie Comp 2014 by Ohem and Klima, which has brought a new age of amazing montages. It was enriched by projects like Zola's Retrospect and the coming of the MCC [however broken], now the new site and Movie Comp Finals is the embodiment of our own efforts toward that movement, we hope you will take the leap with us and set your mind to being a part of it.

Be sure to share your thoughts on this place's history. Once we move we will keep this vBul accessible on halo2forum.com but shut forums off, standard skin set to OG so we can always revisit our past. Sadly we can't bring all content over at this time, the content that floats around in these here threads makes it so we cant get paided by adsense/help pay the server bills.
We will keep this thread open for a bit so you can speak your mind.

We end this with muRda's exposition on our lord and savior, may he find his way back to us and may his glory shine forever on your face.

In July of 2005, Halo2's online Matchmaking system was rapidly gaining in popularity. As a result of this flood of new Halo players, there was a marked increase and interest in gaining advantage during a matched session in Halo2. One such advantage was termed a 'glitch', in which a series of actions performed by the user would either circumvent the game's code limitations, or break it. One such 'glitch' was called the 'Guardian Glitch'.

As it turns out, several variants of the Guardian Glitch were discovered. One of these was called the Magnum Glitch, in which a series of button presses resulted in the internal failure of Halo2's player co-ordinate tracking, thus forcing an opponent to be interpreted as being outside of the map in either an overhead, or below ground 'death zone'. The effect in-game was that it appeared as if 'The Guardians' were an actual, all-destructive, single shot weapon.

In truth, the Guardian Glitches were not true 'glitches' at all, but internal failures of the Halo2 engine player coordinate tracking system (much more severe than a simple 'glitch' for a retail release).

In July 2005, a user by the name of Osageballer927 registered and posted a singular thread, to which he never replied, asking about the 'magnum guardian glitch'. Over the years, Osageballer has been idolized by thousands of Halo3Forum fans as being the individual embodiment and iconization representative of the the masses of drueling, hand-wringing bad kids who actively trolled various Halo forums in search of ways to circumvent the Halo2 Matchmaking system to their advantage.

Osageballer927 was the 3,664th registered user on THF. At the time he lived in Missouri, birthplace of gods, but nobody knows where he is today. Little else is known about Osageballer, but to this very day, his legend lives on.

May your name never adorn the halls of Mensa.

With kind regards,


RIP Elmo.

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