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Default Slater ohm presents: Ohmega

PLEASE READ, not that long.

(made it orange so everyone can read it whatever forum skin)
Yo guys, a few months ago I realised I didn't have too much time for gaming anymore.
Exams are close and after that is traveling and after that I will probably play halo 3.
I got all my clips, which are mostly 1v1 cuz of h2 dying around European hours, and started editing.
The editing on this tage is very different than anything I have ever done. I have flamed people for *overediting* and I think I might have done it myself....
I have spent LOADS of hours on this.
I hope you guys enjoy, it was not hosted cuz:

ZEE10101 (17:53:21):ya
ZEE10101 (17:53:25):dont think i can host sorry
ZEE10101 (17:53:29):too many 1v1 clips

I just tried cuz when you don't try it never works, but it's all good.

Enjoy: click picture
DOWNLOAD PLEASE, (music is off a lot with streaming and it's all synching)


thanks to:
Muddawg for photoshop
Yeah NL for the o so original name of the tage
Deathenator,Niv,Exodus,Dutchy,YEAH,Lacoz3, HABLE, IceCube, Rhyno and Turin for watching and giving me advice.
Machief for getting 720 sniped, the first time i ever tried it, srsly wtf. my most amazing snipes are alwayz on you
Mansell for bein one of the only americans i've had a good conv with.
Pachi and steinz for being awesome
Deathenator especialy for being the best friend in RL i could ever ask for.


Halo 2 videos
Ohmage | Ohmega | Blue sky | Dual | Post Fin | Fash Late

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Dutch Clutch Deathenator ^^
(You should participate in Idols tbh , Lionel Richie got nothing on you son )

Slater you did it again, you made a excellent entertaining montage.

Gameplay was awesome, editing was good, even though I didn't rlly liked the second song I still think that you have put together a amasing montage.

You make us Dutch kids proud.

Was a honor to play with you and still hoping for many more games to follow


Wub List:
Slater Ohm

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omfg turin stole first

great montage by teh slaterrr
Deathenator & Slater ohm DualTage!!
Getting amazin reviewzzzz ANDDDD....
Originally Posted by Mister Parley View Post
Thank you. Watching this enhanced my penis size! :)
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Woehoe Holland is 1337 omgz0rz

downloading now with a stunning 30 kb/s AAAIGHT
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That was really fucking good dude, some of the snipes were fucking amazing. I wish they're could have been more FFA and Team clips. Overall great tage dude, teletubbies made me lol
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coolness... DLing


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Mr Butter Fuzz
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Rape gameplay. editing made me high, butt i liked it.

love it.
XBL : MrButterFuzz

<3 H2
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I love the name only a really cool guy can think of that name

you know my opinion
it amazing everybody should see it

yes i do!

do you like teletubbies?

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Should be good, EWD


First off all, I love the name again very well thought of. The gameplay was really really sick, all those insane BxR snipes and stuff holy shit. The editing was great very original and you could feel the 'slater style'. I also really liked the music, not to wild but still very catchy. And the funnies, omfg don't get me started THOSE WERE FUCKING AWESOME OMFG, I was pretty much dieing with laughter.
Overall this montage is AWESOME, it's a shame that Z wouldn't host this one because it's really hostable IMO. The only thing that could've been better are the King clips but there were only 2 of em or something so big fucking deal! It's awesome^839472985209829562879718409124789237582652 94820472487

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NivAue the BK
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ok after waiting almost 30 mins to download i finally saw the difference between the version you showed me and this one
its not that much but i see it

Po is my favorite teletubbie btw

GT: aueful (
momentary) ADD FOR H2/H3
Sn: NivAue

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